Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju
Geographical position

Geographical position

     Siyarina spa (Sijarinska Banja) is located in the south of Serbia, on the territory of the municipality of Medvedja in the Jablanica district. It is 330 km from Belgrade, 90 km from Nis and 50 km from Leskovac. With so much potential in the form of thermo-mineral springs, clean and fresh air, centuries-old forests, pure untouched nature, but also a unique geyser in continental Europe, it is a true oasis of greenery and a refuge from the hot summer heat for tens of thousands of tourists who visit it every year.

     Sijarinska Banja is a significant tourist destination in the municipality of Medvedja, located only 50km from the most important road in Southeast Europe E-75, from the highway off Leskovac, an hour's drive through the picturesque valley of the river Jablanitza (Jablanica) to reach the third warmest spa in Serbia, with a water temperature of 72oC. In the very center of the spa, there is a geyser, 8 m high, which is the last relic of volcanic activity in this area. Around the geyser is a complex of rehabilitation and recreational pools, which consists of several pools - a pool with thermal water, a large pool with jacuzzi and water soluble, pools for children with slides and other facilities for the youngest. In the upper part of the spa there is a water polo pool with a restaurant, sports fields, parking. The holder of the accommodation capacities is the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation "Gejzer", which, in addition to the accommodation capacities, also has a therapeutic block for rehabilitation. The institution itself offers massages, hot baths, underwater massages, pearl baths, fitness equipment, Chinese therapy, mud therapy… The spa is most visited in July and August, when in addition to regular guests, the spa is visited by a large number of tourists from nearby cities. especially during the manifestations of "Geyser Nights" ("Gejzerske noći") and "Golden Cauldron of Geysers" ("Zlatni kotlić gejzira"). What is encouraging is that the tourist employees of this spa enrich the contents of their stay every year and adapt it to all ages, and the structure is dominated by guests from Vojvodina, who gladly return to this spa every year.

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