Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju
Your doctor

Your doctor

As the years go by rheumatic diseases are a modern disease that I hope at least towards
what I found on the site can alleviate the pain in you in Sijarinska
I'm interested when I would come if I need to bring my medical
biography of the disease (I mean X-rays and other documentation) or that
can do with you, I mean a complete examination after it would be determined and
healing therapy.Thanks for the kindness and hope to see you soon.

ANSWER: Dear Mr. Blagoja,

We are glad that you are interested in the services provided by our hospital and spa as a whole. When you decide to visit us, be sure to bring your previous medical records, so that our doctors can follow the course of your condition. Of course, if necessary, X-ray diagnostics as well as laboratory blood tests are performed under our direction. If you intend to visit Sijarinska Banja during the June-August season, please contact us first regarding reservations. We cordially greet you and look forward to your visit.



QUESTION: Do you accept patients with diabetes mellitus?

ANSWER: The reference institution for the treatment of diabetes is the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation in Vrnjačka Banja. Our institution is a reference for post-traumatic conditions and rheumatic diseases, and if you also have this type of pathology, then it makes sense to use the services of our institution.



QUESTION: I am a person with a disability - paraplegia since 1997 Th 12 and I use a wheelchair. In addition, I have big problems with my stomach, my gallbladder was removed due to numerous stones. Now I have problems with stomach acid and I have been diagnosed with dyspepsia. Can I use the contents in the spa because I use a wheelchair - that is. can i get in the pool Would spa water help me with stomach acid problems? Can I come to the spa if I get a referral from the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund? Do you receive these patients with their companions? What is the accommodation like in the rooms? How do you regulate the problem of nutrition in problematic patients like me?

ANSWER: In general, of course you can use the services of our institution regardless of whether you use a wheelchair. As for therapies, we recommend and prescribe it after the examination. In particular, you can use bathtubs (since there is a crane) if there is no incontinence. For dyspeptic problems and the condition after gallbladder surgery, there is a possibility of using spa water that can give a positive effect. You can come to our institution according to the instructions from the PIO fund and if a companion is recommended in it. For the procedure for obtaining instructions, ask your chosen doctor. Accommodation is in two-star rooms.



QUESTION: I have Diskushernia. I would stay with your wife. What do you think I should use from the therapy and how much would it cost us with full board? I guess you have an outdoor pool for hotel guests that also works in the winter, right? And, what is the temperature in the winter in the pool?

ANSWER: After reviewing your medical records and clinical examination that we will perform upon your arrival, we can apply electrotherapy from physical procedures (IFS, stable galvanization or TENS (if necessary), Chinese and hydro therapy. for the treatment of your disease) .It is located in the institution, the temperature in the pool ranges from 32 to 33 degrees Celsius.We recommend the use of BO days, and the complete price list can be found on our website.



QUESTION: How much can a spa help me with lumbago, discus, spondylosis?

ANSWER: The indicative area of ​​our institution is exactly what you stated. If you decide to visit us, bring your medical documentation from the course of treatment so far.



QUESTION: Respected, I am 68 years old and have problems with my knee and hip joints (cartilage and ossification, at least that's what the local doctors say). I also have a problem with long-standing psoriasis that I have treated on a couple of occasions, and the results have been good but only for a short period. After getting acquainted with your program, I saw that you treat diseases of the bones and joints, as well as psoriasis, so I am interested in whether it would be possible to perform therapy for both diseases (during the same stay), or would you need to come again ? I'm also interested in honey. documentation that I have, because e.g. during the treatment of psoriasis, I have documentation on the examination at the Military Medical Academy and from the clinic in Nis.

ANSWER: Regarding problems with the knee and hip joints, you should have at least an X-ray of the knee or hip. The problems you have are alleviated to a significant extent by applying therapeutic measures in our institution. By its nature, psoriasis is a disease that cannot be treated, but it can be alleviated with individual treatments in Sijarinska Banja. Of course you can use your stay to solve all the health problems that our Spa can provide. Definitely, if you decide to visit us

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