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Historical development

Historical development

     Siyarina spa (Sijarinska Banja), located in the south of Serbia, has been known as a health resort since Roman times. In support of this claim is the legend of how it got its name. Namely, the wife of Emperor Justinian, Theodora had a beautiful sister whom she affectionately called "Sis Irina" ("Seja Irina"), who was the mistress and landowner of this area, hence the name "Sis Irina" ("Seja Irina"), which was later established in Siyarina ("Sijarina").

     The natural beauties have attracted numerous peoples who have inhabited these parts of the country through epochs to enjoy the charms of untouched nature, enriched with numerous thermal and mineral springs. Significant progress in tourism in Sijarinska Banja was recorded after the WW2. The appearance of Sijarinska Banja as an important tourist center of Serbia and Yugoslavia was influenced by the invention of the geyser in 1954, which significantly changed the tourist potentials of this place. The geyser is unique because it is the only one in the continental part of Europe. With its jets that reach a height of over 8 meters and a temperature of 72oC, it is the main attraction of Sijarinska Banja. The arrival of numerous tourists required the construction of new facilities for tourist accommodation. The construction of the hotel "Geyser" (Gejzer), Sijarinska Banja in 1975 is of epochal importance for the development of this place. The number of tourists in the following decades exceeded the capacity of the hotel, so that numerous private facilities were renovated and built for the needs of guests who constantly flocked to Sijarinska Banja. At the beginning of this century, swimming pools were built with the funds of the state of Serbia, which gave even greater impetus to this tourist center. With the construction of accompanying facilities, the number of tourists has multiplied in the previous twenty years. Sijarinska spa with its geyser, thermal and mineral springs is known today outside the borders of Serbia. "Geyser Nights", as a manifestation with musical content, traditionally gather citizens of all ages. The arrival of famous singers during the summer season influences Sijarinska Banja to become the main center of southern Serbia for at least a few days. The arrival of new tourists requires constant investment. The investments of the state, the municipality and the citizens are increasing every day. In the hotel itself, the new wellness center stands out as a new content. Of course, we will not stop at this. We will make Sijarinska Banja as attractive and visible as possible. Yours is just to come. Welcome.

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