Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju
Thermomineral springs

Thermomineral springs

Sijarinska Banja has 26 springs, 18 of which have therapeutic value. There are the following springs in "Donja Banja": Main spring, Inhalation spring, Little Geyser, Geyser, Roman spring, Borovac, Spas, Raj and Hisar. There are the following springs in "Gornja Banja": Jablanica, Zdravlje, Suzica, Snežnik, three springs in Blatište, Kiseljak and well "B-4". The water of individual springs is different in its chemical composition: alkaline, acidic, iron, with a temperature of 68-76ºC. The medicinal waters of Sijarinska Banja have different applications and are used for bathing, drinking and inhalation. They help in the treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, stomach and bile diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, anemia and diabetes, asthma and chronic bronchitis, as well as various forms of neurosis and states of mild mental and physical exhaustion.

A special curiosity of this spa are the geysers, which are among the most attractive tourist values ​​in Serbia. The first "Geyser" is a thermo-mineral spring that is a kind of attraction. It appeared in October 1954 during drilling on the left bank of the Banjska river at 470 m above sea level, at a depth of 9m, with a temperature of 71ºC. The water column of the geyser is 8m. The chemical composition of water is characterized by: sodium, lithium, hydrocarbons and fluorine. N. Milojević established that the waters of these springs represent for the most part "the last miniature signs of the former volcanic activity". By releasing vapors and gases at great depths, juvenile water is formed, which under pressure erupts on the surface of the earth (M. Vasović). By the way, it mixes with ordinary groundwater, which descends to considerable depths with large cracks in the fault zone, thus forming the waters of the thermal springs of Sijarinska Banja, "writes R. Ilić.

The "Hisar" spring was created on October 25, 1954, when drilling was performed on the site of a new hotel. At a depth of 5.9 meters, a small yield of 11mL/s was obtained. The chemical composition of water is characterized by: sodium, lithium, hydrocarbons and fluorine.

The source "Paradise" is located on the right bank of the Banjska river. It was captured in 1936 in the form of a fountain, and the amount of water was increased by 17mL/s by recapture. The water is constantly flowing. The chemical composition of water is characterized by: sodium, lithium, hydrocarbons and fluorine.

The "Spas" spring is located in "Donja Banja", about 50 meters away from the Banjska river. The fountain was built in 1936 with constant swelling. Due to the pollution, the water stopped flowing and at the end of August 1955, it was recaptured and a yield of 13mL/s was obtained. The chemical composition of the water is similar to the previous source.

The spring "Borovac" is located 3 meters away from the spring "Spas". It was created by drilling in the period from 20-24. October 1954.. Drilling was performed to a depth of 9.3 meters. The yield of this source is 29mL/s. It has a similar chemical composition to previous sources.

The "main spring" is located three meters above the water level in the river, in Donja Banja. The yield of this source is 0.9L/s. The water erupted and was followed by a large amount of gases. It flows through an open canal 30 meters long into the bathroom pools.

The "little geyser" is a source of hot water, which erupts in the form of a fountain at intervals. It was created by drilling a probe as an experiment in terms of connection to the "Main Source". During drilling, thermo-mineral water appeared at a depth of 12 meters and has a small impact on the "Main Spring". The water pulsates at different time intervals of 12-17 minutes, emitting 167 to 210 liters of water during one eruption. The pulsation is caused by the intrusion of gases and the water is constantly rising, until there is a large discharge of gases when the effusion occurs, which expels a large amount of water. Then the water level falls below the top of the pipe - a static piezometer. Immediately after, the water climbs again.

The "inhalation spring" is located on the vertical slope of the "Bungoja" at the highest elevation of all thermo-mineral springs. Drilling for this source was not planned. Engineer Kapetanović noticed that the rock in this place was "sweating" and that it was warm. Drilling at a depth of 9.5 meters produced hot water of 70 ºC in the amount of 6.8L/s. The drilling was performed on October 15, 1954. By the way, the terrain of Bungoje is "alive" and sometimes a muffled rumble is heard. Thus, 24-25. In October 1954, an earthquake occurred, and the spring stopped pumping water up and dropped to its current level.

The source "Jablanica" was created in the period from 16-20. October 1954 by drilling in andesite in Gornja Banja. It is located 4.8 meters downstream and 1 meter higher than the "Zdravlje" fountain. By drilling to a depth of 11.45 meters, water with a yield of 0.37L/s was obtained. Capturing in the form of a fountain with free flow was performed.

The source "Suzica" is formed from atmospheric water which is filtered and mineralized through the rock. Yield is negligible 0.005L/s. It is located near the spring "Jablanica" and the spring "Health".

The spring "Zdravlje" under the Aragonese rock is located in Gornja Banja. The catchment was made in the form of a fountain in 1952 with free drainage of water.

Three springs in "Blatište" are located in Gornja Banja. These springs supply hot water to two pools and a swamp. Dimensions of the pool are: 2.6x2x0.9, and the swamp 4.5x1.5x0.4m, the bottom is from the ground. The yield of these three sources is 0.02-0.04L/s. Mud treatment is performed in a primitive way.

Source "Kiseljak", water springs from sediment, captured by a concrete well, yield is 0.1L/s. The water has a sour taste and is pleasant to drink.

Source "Snežnik" under the hornbeams. Drilling for this spring was performed from October 10 to 16, 1954, to a depth of 17 meters. Water is constantly flowing. The yield of this source is 0.28L/s.

Well "B-4" is located in Gornja Banja in the so-called. The lake. The depth of the well is 1232 meters, and the yield is 33L/s. The water pressure is 8.5 bar. Above the well is a metal structure. When drilling this well up to 1232 meters, it was determined that there are 5 aquifers. Water is used to heat the hotel.

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